Diabetic Retinopathy [DR] is an incredibly severe but avoidable disease. It affects approximately 28.5% of the diabetic population in the United States and Canada. If DR is discovered early it can be treated swiftly to avoid blindness and other complications. The common way for diagnosing this affliction is manual examination of defects on a retinal photograph. As persons with DR are recommended to perform an examination every 6 months for moderate cases to every few weeks for severe cases, it means that there is a high volume of retinal photographs that need inspection. _ Our team felt that this would be an interesting problem to approach for Hack The North _

Dr. Lily MD AI is a conversational AI that uses machine learning to examine your retinal photographs and examines whether or not you have DR. If Lily believes with high confidence that you are at risk for the disease then she automatically schedules medical care for you.

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Note Lily was named after Lily Peng who inspired this research.

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