We were inspired by Siri, Alexa, and Cleverbot

What it does

It detects the emotion of a user and based on that data produces an output that mimics friendly human interactions.

How we built it

We used, GitHub and glitch

Challenges we ran into

We are an international team so the biggest challenge was to select the best time to brainstorm.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have created an NLP model that detects human emotions, and its a first step to creating an artificial friend on Facebook

What we learned

That everything in software development has to be done by a team and that teamwork is the best tool to solve problems.

What's next for Lilo AI

We want Lilo to become the new way of human-AI interactions. We want to populate the database with more utterances, teach it how to detect more emotions, and train it on more sitcoms, books, and cartoons to become a great conversational companion. We hope that in the future the AI could become your new best friend.

Our app id: 618990298698878 Our code:!/chill-rightful-jacket?path=wit_handler.js%3A19%3A4

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