Lil' Nurse

nwHacks 2019 project

VUI solves the problem of easier healthcare

This project uses cloud computing and voice user interfaces to communicate with target audience and ease access to better healthcare. With lambda functions and azure web apps with continuous integration and node.js created apis the system moves quickly to give clients the best access to their healthcare options. It will automatically update as soon as you leave the doctor's office with all your prescriptions, doctor's recommendations, and medical care with the client's consent. Doctors will use a personalized Desktop app to input information of each session with their patients. We also have plans for it to be able to upload information with Computer Vision and just need to take pictures of prescription sheets to upload the information easily and quickly onto patient's accounts. The doctor will have easy access to update your account on the Microsoft Azure SQL database and called to communicate with the client's phone and voice user interfaces. This project with many different components and pieces was a hassle to get together and 24hr hackathon but the problem it solves, we believe, have a great impact on people that have trouble reminding themselves or being to busy to take care of themselves. There are also people who don't know how to use a phone or people who want something easier to interface with and a VUI was our go to idea to solving this at first. We really wanted to design the user experience for the people and to make it seamless.

State of the art technology!

Using new and fast technology, this system will bring the world closer to their health and be better in their lives as a whole. We've designed this system to be as accessible as possible to anyone to benefit from it and alleviate the burden of shortages of nurses and caretakers.

So far it integrates easily with Amazon Alexa but we have dreams of making it super easy to use with having an app on the phone for people to access their cloud information and get real time reminders from their doctors and nurses to be the very best they can be!

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