Using a familiar reference point in a city you already know, LikeWhere removes the guesswork from discovering a new city for the first time!

Travellers face a lot of wasted time when visiting a city for the first time. Current information is scattered across the web and is generic; not personalised nor specific to what a traveller likes. Recommendations from friends are a great start, but we don’t necessarily always like what our friends like!

LikeWhere wants to familiarise travellers with a new city before they arrive - vacation time should never be wasted! LikeWhere makes personalised recommendations for discovering new cities based on spots a user knows and likes in cities they are already familiar with. In other words, we provide a familiar frame of reference upon which we suggest places the user knows they will like!

Users can create and share custom itineraries to make their visit amazing!

Once a user discovers a spot they like the sound of, or creates a new itinerary, they can send that information to Evernote. LikeWhere creates a new notebook for each city and populates notes with spot details beautifully designed and easy to navigate.

Users can access spots and itineraries in offline mode, use built-in co-ordinates to navigate from maps, and can add their own personal experiences right there in the same note!

Do your research before your trip, then use Evernote when you get there to make your trip amazing!


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