An analytical platform and explorer for LikeLib blockchain.

Our big data pipeline indexes all blockchain data and exposes data and metrics through API and WEB application.




What we've built

1) LikeLib Explorer

The transaction explorer allows to search and query for any block or address and explore particular transactions: thanks to our state-of-the-art big data infrastructure everything works lightning fast!

2) LikeLib Analysis Tool

Our analytical application serves as a tool for advanced blockchain data analysis: you can monitor technical, financial and user-related metrics, see the current state and health of the blockchain ecosystem and get a full and truly transparent overview of LikeLib!

3) API

The API exposes the data for third-party developers. You can get any needed data just in a few lines of code!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our big data pipeline is our advantage. The warehouse architecture is highly scalable and load resistant - it's able to process billions of transactions, which is often the main challenge when working with fast blockchain networks.

What's next for LikeLib Analytics

Our next goal is to work on frontEnd side - improve usability and add more metrics for analytics.

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