Inspiration: Given the digital age we’re in, we don’t often remember what we liked in the past. Our attention is stretched thin from the number of social media outlets and videos we have access to at all times. To create a way for us to see what interested us in the past and how our interests changed over time, we created LikeHack. By providing a Facebook developer token, you can view a word cloud of the pages you liked in the past and a timeline of the likes.

LikeHack is meaningful because it also shows how much of ourselves we put online and how much you can tell about a person just based on their facebook likes.

What it does: LikeHack takes in a Facebook Developer’s Access Token and creates a word cloud and timeline of the user’s likes.

Challenges we ran into: One of the challenges we encountered was learning how to use the Facebook API. There were very rigid steps we had to follow so that we could access our likes in a usable data structure.

How we Built It: We started with Facebook’s Graph API to extract “likes” and then used wordcloud and matplotlib modules to create infographics.

What we learned: How to integrate Facebook Graph API with python data visualization How to work with developer keys to access information from facebook accounts (in this case our own)

Next steps: In the future, we can implement a more developed front end that can create the infographics with one’s Facebook account and password, instead of a FB Developer’s access key. We can also finetune the timeline function to make it interactive.

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