What It Does

LikeBot analyzes the activity of a social media user to show the interests of the person, including people, things, and places.

How We Built It

We built LikeBot using Java in Android Studio and used the twitter4j API to gather data about Twitter users. We also used Google Cloud Firebase to get information about pictures that the user liked.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into quite a few challenges while coding the program. Late into the night, we found that the Google API that we were initially planning to use (Google Cloud Vision) only supported web apps and not mobile apps. We tried to use another Google API with a similar function (Google Firebase) to substitute for it, but it returned unsatisfactory results. Therefore, we were not able to implement all the functionality and features that we were planning to in LikeBot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An accomplishment that we were proud of was being able to pick up Android app programming when we had never tried it before.

What we learned

We learned to check the requirements and functions of APIs before planning to use them so we would not be caught in a predicament like the one we experienced. We also learned a lot about programming Android apps.

What's next for LikeBot

Next for LikeBot is the implementation of a new API that could give us satisfactory data about media consumed on Twitter, or a migration to a web-based app so we could use the API that we wanted to.

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