The ephemeral file sharing … also some social network styling for wall post showing it in timeline.

A bit of history :)

The desire that can cause ephemeral availability of a digital gift. (Like)

If you dare to offer a free gift just for ten minutes! Users need to offer their gifts in our service to one lucky user can download it for himself. (Bye)

Content that ever existed, is in the history of time.

How it works

User that wants to post a digital gift clicks the [+ Post] button. This consists the upload process.

Then, it will appear in the timeline. Content stored in documents (PDF, word, etc) will be extracted and a bit of it will be shown in the timeline. A Download button will be visible only during the first ten minutes. Ability to Preview will remain and the timeline will be kept as well.

What's next for

A better user experience for some formats (Audio preview).

Built With

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