Our inspiration for Like A Girl was to create a solution to the embarrassment and isolation that young girls feel during their elementary school and middle school life. During this point in their lives girls face serious changes regarding education, puberty, and all things they wouldn't want to talk to their parents about.

What it does

Like A Girl provides girls with a safe space to ask anonymous question regarding their changing lives that can be answered by older girls who can help guide them from the tumultuous times that are adolescence.

How we built it

With love and compassion. Also with ReactJS and Material-UI

Challenges we ran into

The Patriarchy man

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was two of our members first hackathons and we tried really hard :p

What we learned

Dancing is a great way to stay awake ............. also reactjs and github

What's next for Like A Girl

World Domination

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