Energy is one of the if not the most important things to our life, sadly billions of watts are wasted everyday because of people forgetting to turn of their lights. After browsing the market I saw that there were three main products that I could've used. Firstly there was smart light bulbs. Already having these and still forgetting to turn my light of meant that they clearly weren't working, this is as although you can operate these lights from anywhere on the world, you still manually have to turn them off. This same problem applied to smart switches. The last thing that was left is an motion switch, but the problem with this was that even if you left the room it would take a certain amount of time every time before it turns off. Considering this I decided to make my own switch.

What it does

Using two ultrasonic sensors LightsOff detects whether a person has entered or exited a room, if an entry has occurred and it is inside the set time range (this is so that no one triggers this in the morning or late in the night) it will turn of the light. However if someone exits it will then look at the counter in the room and if it at zero than it will turn of the lights. (the counter is a measure taken so that the lights dont turn off only one person leaves the room with having another person there).

How we built it

this is built using servos, Arduino, and ultrasonic sensors.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges that I ran into were:

  • not being able to use two servos without an external power supply
  • deciding whether some walked inside or out
  • getting all the wires required to make this project

What's next for LightsOff

What's next is to make it look much better making an enclosure and making it power efficient so it uses the least amount of energy.

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