We live in a wing with communal lounges. Lately, our group quiet hours have not been followed. We wanted an automated solution for this problem that moved beyond annoyed residents having to quiet down their friends.

What it does

An array of IoT enabled sensors in each lounge will sense the volume and report it to a central server that determines whether or not quiet hours are in place. If volume levels are too high during quiet hours, it will automatically shut off the lights in the room.

How I built it

We 3D printed a frame to fit over a standard light switch. Particle Photons connect up each sensing node and communicate with a central Flask server.

Challenges I ran into

We used a lot of unfamiliar technologies and worked really hard to figure out a lot of unfamiliar documentation.

What's next for LIGHTS-OUT

Better microphones, more sensors, a more robust web interface.

Built With

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