Inspiration We needed an idea that an audience would feel compelled to continue and enjoy

What it does Give an interactive experience for anyone to immerse in

How we built it Lots of hard work. We started as soon as the event started. We used post-its to figure out our idea and then used the program, sublime (html), to make several text files which we used to branch our story out on the web.

Challenges we ran into We had a hard time figuring out how to link choices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of we add a personalized custom photo for every choice the user decides to pick. It took us a lot of time to figure out the best photo for the user experience, but we feel as though it really helped immerse the user in our universe.

What we learned I, Ryan, learned how to make a story that is interactive but still interesting. Donger learned html for the FIRST TIME!! He did a really good job with it and we are really happy to have him on our team :). Franko learned to be able to become a leader and direct. He taught Donger some of the html that he was able to adapt and use in our project. We all learned something today, we will go home as smarter and brighter young adults.

What's next for Lights Out Lights out was a great experience for everyone on our team. We are definitely going to go home today proud, no matter what happens tonight. Lights Out is something that we have ALL expressed that we would like to continue working on together past this Hackathon.

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