Project Title: [LIGHTPAY]

Our tagline: Pay anything with anything! Atomic swaps for payments.


The Lightning Network allows for faster transaction processing through channel payments. But adoption will take time to reach a wider audience.

[LIGHTPAY] allows for wide user adoption immediately, without having the barrier of entry of running a Lightning node to make a Lightning payment.

[LIGHTPAY] chooses a provider that is willing and able to pay that lightning invoice through atomic swaps allowing for any coin to be used.

The provider quotes a rate that includes their fee, and then pays the invoice in question when they receive the funding coin.

A provider is a swap provider in [LIGHTPAY] that is willing to fulfill an invoice. A provider should be already running the Lightning node on top of a bcoin node.

[LIGHTPAY] facilitates anything to anything crypto payments.

Software and Platforms

  • bcoin
  • Bitcoin Core
  • Bitcoinjslib
  • LN-Service Lib
  • LND
  • node.js

Built With

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