What problem does Lightpath solve? Information overload.

Regardless of the level, in most academic courses, knowledge is cumulative and concepts build on eachother. With large amounts of new information to process, progress can be slow if a student must dedicate excessive time to relearn past concepts.

I experienced this acutely during a recently completed 3 month coding bootcamp where many new concepts were introduced everyday. I realized that whenever I revisited my notes, I was only truly utilizing a few highlighted phrases or article/video links. With a large amount of notes to filter through to find these few lines, studying was often inefficient.

What Lightpath does

With Lightpath, as students interact with course content (Course Content API used) students create "lightbulb moments" whenever a concept clicks by either recording:

A) A concise summary of a concept B) A video url that clarified a concept C) An article link that clarified a concept

Students can search through classmates' lightbulb moments, favorite the ones that help them, and share their own lightbulb moments with peers. Students can view all lightbulb moments for a course in a consolidated way (Webliography API used) and study comprehensively through this interaction instead of reading through large amounts of course material.


By consistently recording or favoriting lightbulb moments for a course's concepts, students create a "lightpath" through the course, illuminating the path to mastery.

Technology Used

Course Content API Webliography API Users API

Built With

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