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Lightning Network Simulation

This repository is a majors dissertation project for Aberystwyth University. The aim of this project is educational. Please, read the Wiki.

Current status

  • Simulation tool: Stable ✅
  • Analysis tool: Stable ✅

How it works:

There is a list of pre-made networks :

  • Tiny (10 nodes)
  • Small (25 nodes)
  • Medium (50 nodes)
  • Big (500 nodes)

All the defualt networks have nodes well-connected. However, you can create a new Lightning Network and choose a different network topology by selecting:

  • Number of Nodes
  • Number of channels per node

When a network is loaded. You can start the simulation by clicking Edit>Start and random nodes start to generate transactions along the network.

Set up:

  • Get the source code.
  • Make sure you have JDK SE 8.
  • You can use the main folder as an Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA workspace.
  • Build the maven projects.
  • Run the GUI suite com.carlos.lnsim.lnsim.GUI
  • If you do not get the simulation up and running please create an issue ticket.

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