A friend of ours who dances spectacular was too shy to record a snap and upload it to Spotlight, when we asked her why, she told us that she didn't like how she looked on camera. That's when we decided to create Light It Up.

What it does

This Lens turn the subject body into a vibrant colored animated version of himself without facial features so anyone can record in their favorite place and immediately stand out. Another feature that this lens has is that when you tap the screen a selector pops up for you to chose a video or image from your camera roll and place it as your background. Also every time you launch the lens it will randomly choose one of the three different animation styles that it has.

How we built it

When we started this project, we had almost no experience with Lens Studio but thanks to its clear and concise documentation, templates and tutorials we were able to achieve our goals and create what we think its an amazing Lens. We used a neural model to transfer the style of some images into a person which allowed us to create amazing textures and patterns. We trained our network using the COCO database an using PyTorch to merge the style into the object. After that, we imported our finished model to Lens Studio to start playing with it. We started using the Green Screen template and added the Style Transfer component to it. After that we created a script to show the media picker when the user interacted with the screen and a script to select a random style to apply it to the subject.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest challenge was that Lens is really young and there is hardly any resources to learn and to visit when you are stuck. But even with that, the documentation helped us greatly and made us achieve our objectives.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a lens that allows people to express themselves in a funny and vibrant way without worrying about the looks on camera or trying to find the perfect place to record themselves.

What we learned

We learned how to use Lens Studio, also as developers the fact of creating a script to open the image selector with a tap was satisfying as we've never worked in complex projects within LensStudio.

What's next for Light It Up

We will keep improving our Lens by adding more styles and adding a selector for this styles.

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