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As you know the problem of most people who apply for job or study abroad often take lots of time and efforts and some time filled wrong information by mistake . So our create an application to make this work is simpler

What it does

because is it demo so this application that can :

  • upload file like image
  • detect field and label
  • render form in web application
  • submit form
  • store the data in database
  • return filled form for user ( you can download this filled form )

How I built it

we using client server: client : reactjs server : python ( Flask ) and its packages

Challenges I ran into

  • This is the first time we solve this problem , and try OCR

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • we have completed a simple application and it work

What I learned

  • learn how team work

What's next for Lighting Fill

  • improve detection algorithm
  • have mobile version

Frontend : | Backend :

Built With

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