Online education has had its own set of challenges for teachers and students in the last one year. However, for special students who have hearing, visual and learning disabilities, these challenges have been multi-fold. While brainstorming for an idea for our new project, we came across an article of a leading Indian Daily, where visually impaired students and their teachers have expressed their displeasure at the online mode of education. On reading the article, we found two main issues - the challenges faced by them during an exam and the trouble of finding a scribe in rural areas. We decided to contribute something to this cause, and hence, made Lightify.

What it does

Lightify is a web application for visually-impaired children (or their parents/guardians) and also people who want to sign us as writers/scribes for those children, and it solves two main issues-

  • Less availabilIty of scribes
  • Difficulty in online examination. It provides a medium for the parents and guardians of these children to find and interact with scribes, both of them will be able to sign up and connect with each other, and blind students will be able to specify their place and time, at which they need writers. It also has an in-built audio quiz feature to facilitate online exams where the student can give a quiz exam without any need of writer.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenge that we faced, was to get a JavaScript speech to text API which will help students to detect their voice during exams. We had many APIs to choose but we don’t have any for JavaScript. So we choose this webkit speech recognition API, for which we managed to make it 95% accurate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create a working MVP in less than 40 hours that can reduce the plight of visually impaired students, at least to some extent

What we learned

Using the webkit API and integrating it with our backend was something exciting which we all learnt.

What's next for Lightify

  • Although the webkit API is pretty good, we are working on using better APIs and better algorithm to make it more precise for long answer type questions. -To increase security of quiz feature, we are working on a live proctoring system. -For reliability of writers/ students, we are planning to introduce a rating system that would help to filter out rough users and build a better and strong community where we can awards the writers for carrying out such noble activites via some monetary benefits.

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