I usually make something crazy for my previous proms. So I made this the day before my Y12 Grad Prom!

What it does

Fully programmable patterns! Gets you alot of swagger and l33t street credz :D

How I built it

Raspberry Pi + Neopixels + Nodejs + Time + Tie = LightTie! Well most of the electronics was previous part of my home automation system, I just took it off the wall and stitched it to a tie!

Challenges I ran into

How to SAFELY fit everything ( 10000mAh + RPi3 + wiring + networking gear ) in a blazer/jacket!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I wore this to my prom and my university interview!

What I learned

Its legit too bright for its own good; people cant take photos of it without intense AF issues and lens flare.

What's next for LighTIE

Well Im gonna wear it to more events, it helps start conversations cause geeks are curious of how it works!

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