What it does

LIGHTHOUSE takes complex health plans and breaks them into 'what should I do today?' experiences for people navigating the journeys of diabetes, COPD, and heart disease. We connect directly into your doctor's EMR to build personalized health journeys delivered to your kitchen table. Connections

Challenges we ran into

  1. The newest version of the Skills SDK re-imagined handlers and states which in particular impacted our understanding of how to make asynchronous API calls. It's not clear we've totally solved it. We've submitted for certification, but have already found a likely API call error they are going to have to have us fix around the encryption/decryption we do. It's going to be a long road to certification.

  2. The APL screen simulator does not always reflect the real experience. There was a lot of working with the simulator and a real screen in tandem. Lots 'o late night screaming.

  3. We couldn't pull off some of the smoother effects we hoped for on the Spot. It remains in the "technical debt" pile.

  4. Our server-side chart rendering isn't too "pretty", we need an aesthetics upgrade. It's a one-part design problem and one-part limitations of the charting software. All help is welcomed! Hideous

  5. We threw a TON of errors trying to do Touch capture. We still don't know why, or exactly what we changed to fix it.

  6. The in-app purchase flow isn't incredibly intuitive and didn't line up with our ideal consumer experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Our test patient is data pulled from a live (but not real data) patient on athenahealth – we made the full journey from EMR to kitchen table for our demo data

  2. Our Vocalization AI has been great at generating unique, long form dialog that minimizes fatigue for lengthy, repetitive dialogs. Some of our funnier ones didn't make the demo (they're random). Vocalization AI

  3. We've got our patient kits ready to distribute when we get certified. Sweet

What's next for LIGHTHOUSE Voice

Tons of user testing to become launch ready. Chasing down the one million details of the certification final mile. We're about to add a couple of big content/distribution/advisory partners beyond Johnson and Johnson JLABs and Novo Nordisk. More content add-ons. International language support. More. More. More.

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