By 2030, over 80K+ seniors on Medicare will be navigating two or more chronic conditions...and at the same time, the AMA is forecasting a 20K physician shortfall for this group.

Our initial program sat on smartphones, but we couldn't get first 60 day usage above 35%.

We built a quick Alexa prototype and after three rounds of pilots have initial usage above 75%.

What it does

LIGHTHOUSE puts your doctor on your kitchen table. We connect a patient to their physician's care plan.

How I built it

Alexa Conversations + Lambda/nodejs + RDS + Cognito

Challenges I ran into

We had to restart a few times to get Conversations to work – we had errors we couldn't wrestle down and had to start blank slate. That was frustrating. Additionally, we needed some Conversations-led dialogs as well as old school and it took us a bunch of rounds of iteration to get those two models to work in concert.

What's next for LIGHTHOUSE Voice Conversations

More content, more conditions, more EMR integrations, more Medicare revenue.

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