In the next 10 minutes 2 people in the US are going to die from diabetes-related illness 1 is going to lose a limb 35 will hear for the first time that they have diabetes, and 2/3 of them will eventually have a heart attack.

We're here to drive those numbers to zero

We've had great outcomes breakthroughs with the introduction of a voice-based patient experience, and now we're seeing how a virtual caregiver might meet the unique needs of some of our patients.

What it does

Each day, we draw upon data from the patient's health record (direct EMR connection), combine it with our deep content library, assess the current commit level of the patient and create an individualized "what should you do today to keep on your health journey". With LIGHTHOUSE on Sumerian we will be able to see if a different type of personalized experience is felt by patients compared to mobile or pure voice.

What's next for LIGHTHOUSE on Sumerian

We didn't get our full CONVERSATION AI implemented into the Sumerian experience, and we'll have to fire out what features from Alexa make sense to port to a virtual host.

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