We are facing that problem in our everyday work. Users find a cool new SaaS product, may it be for B2B or B2C products.

What it does

Lightfaden helps providers of SaaS products to develop their customers automatically. This includes customer help & support, verification and billing. So that you can focus on what really matters: your product.

If you're providing a SaaS product, that's being used through some kind of portal, and you want to monetize this portal and/ or certain functionalities of it, Lightfaden is for you.

Lightfaden helps you to:

  • help your customers with onboarding and understanding your product right from the start
  • guide your customers whenever they need help with smart in-app-guides
  • charge your customers and generate invoices
  • advertise additional features and sell them

More at:

Watch a video of the backend:

Watch a video of the plugin (in any arbitrary app):

It integrates with SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud to manage users and subscriptions, and allows for a secure user signup through Deutsche Bank, if set in the backend (flag: Required authenticated users).

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

Primarily time. :-)

But also CORS restrictions on some APIs, which forced us to move code from the frontend to the backend.

In our development effort the largest issue was creating a shared vision of what we want to build and how it generates the most value.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The first version of a user support agent, that can be maintained by a non-technical person is ready!

What we learned

A lot.

What's next for Lightfaden

ProductHunt, what else. We'll be adding more types of robot actions, to help users with everything.

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