Conversation goes sour when you are passionate about the subject. This bot job is to make sure that you don't hurt your relationships and go past the point of no return with your colleague.

What it does

The bot detects the sentiments in the conversation and when it detects that the conversation is past a certain threshold of negative emotion, it will generate a Giphy image which is funny and related to the topic of conversation.

The Giphy popping up in the middle of a heated conversation should tend to cool down everyone and take a step back.

How we built it

Used python for coding. Used Google-cloud-language for sentiment analysis. Used Giphy api to retrieve related images . Used Slack Api to create a bot to check for messages. Used Ngork for creating a server tunnel.

Challenges we ran into

Google-cloud has a lot of security steps but just a matter of time. First time python. Python Post handling is horrible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a meaningful application together. When one of us would tend to waiver and about to give up, we would see the other teammates struggling and working hard on their part.

What we learned

What's next for Lighten Müd

Progress tracking of the conversation. To follow the user and see their sentiment progression. From there, send meaningful gifs to enhance their mood further.

Would be nice to also be on different devices.

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