What it does

The light turbine is a 4x4 LED cube made from monochromatic LEDs that can be programmed to display different patterns/animations.

Video links

Basic Description

4x4 LED Cube side view video with low shutter speed to see effects of software PWM for individual layer control to make a cube with 64 LEDs controlled by 16 outputs to columns(Anodes) and 4 outputs to the entire row layers (Cathodes). To control the cube I took persistence of vision into account only turned one layer on at a time to turn on any combination of LEDs on at any given time. No LEDs on any layers are actually on at any given time although it seems as though they are to the human eye. The delays between each layer turning on is very small. This is done since if you turned 2 LEDs on adjacent layers in such a matrix diagonally vertically 4 would turn on.

Built With

  • milling
  • pcb-design
  • pic-microcontroller
  • picbasicpro
  • soldering
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