While driving, there are many occasions where back-to-back cars would like to communicate with each other, regarding oncoming traffic or a possible hostage situation. We designed Light Talk, a high speed communication system, using the Car's head and rear lights as a free space optical link at a high data rate, so that it is not visible for the human eye. Light talk system users will not notice any visible difference in their head or rear light operation.

What it does

Light Talk is a high speed real-time car to car communication system using a given car's head or tail lights as a free space optical link.

How we built it

We modulated a ultrabright 600nm wavelength LED, resembling the Headlight of a car, using the data from the serial port. The receiver is a fast 600nm Avalanche photo diode with a transimpedance amplifier to convert the light data transmitted via the modulated head light into voltage levels. This data is read into the PC using an FTDI chip. We used the serial protocol to handle the error correction on the optical data. A python-based dashboard computer is designed for the people in the car to interact with the communication system.

Built With

  • analog-signal-processing
  • fast-apd
  • ftdi
  • python
  • ultrabright-leds
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