Battered, abused women of all ages always need a safe place to stay. Our inspiration was to create a "Home Away" version of approved hosts that would open up their homes to battered and abused women who need a safe and trustworthy home, that may not feel comfortable staying at a shelter.

What it does

-Finds local women's shelters around the user's IP address -Allows user to request a stay with a approved Lighthouse Host -Allows a potential Lighthouse Host to register their home as a safe place for women

How we built it

-HTML -CSS -Javascript -JQuery -GoogleMaps API -Firebase Database

Challenges we ran into

-Merging conflicts -Unsuccessful use of originally planned mapping API -CSS Issues -Backend Issues with newly learned languages

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Successfully deployed a website front to back in 24 hours!!! Woo hoo! -Successfully stored and updated data via Firebase Database

What I learned

-how to deal with pressure -how important it is to get away from a problem to get a clear picture -learned a new database -debugging techniques

What's next for Light House:

-security clearance issues -hopefully be able to make it more easy for someone in need -also provide additional resources for young children with the moms

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