LIFTai, born from a love of fitness

The four of us have been working out together for about a year, and wanted to leverage this experience into a tool that would be useful to us and others, so we decided on a website that helps to fill in workout plans.

People often say that they become intimidated at the gym because they don't know what to do, so we wanted to improve accessibility to fitness and good health. By providing thorough advice and videos showing how to complete each exercise, getting in the gym is made easy.

The minimalist interface inspired by Material Design version 3 seeks to make use of the site as intuitive as possible, while not compromising on functionality. Our machine learning interface provides an efficient response for any desired starting point.

What it actually does: Select a workout that you are interested in doing, for example bench press. This exercise primarily targets the chest area and shoulders, to a lesser extent. The application will select a few other exercises (using machine learning!!) to fill out the rest of the upper body so that you don't end up over exercising a muscle or under exercising. The exercise list will also show video and a text explanation of the exercise so that you can become comfortable. This allows you to effectively target all the muscle groups so that you can get a great workout.

Reflections Going into this, two of our team had never participated in a hackathon before and their knowledge of coding was just limited to C++. We had never used tensor flow or django before either. We were able to learn a lot and we believe the end result turned out pretty well!

Made with love by, Alec, Brian, Ryan, and Preston

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