Intro: Lift Off: A platform to educate and inspire young professional women to be conscious of their finances in a positive and fun way! Built by women, for women :,) We aim to lift off from financial norms, inequities, and shortcomings stemming from gender (and it also went with the astrology theme)

Landing page: We started with a very plain grey color scheme and felt we needed something brighter and more fun on the eyes. Since saving money should be fun! Our main picture of the happy bunch also uses these fun colors We also wanted to incorporate the word “lift” into our introduction to tie everything together

Account page: Here a user can add to their Lift Off account balance after setting a goal in the form of a dollar amount. A user can also see the history of their Lift Off account balance as well as share/export it with others.

Resources page: We included a resources page with more information on how to continue to stay informed about financial wellness. The first resource is a link to a quiz that gives your financial well being score which was created by the consumer financial protection bureau. There’s also a toolkit created by that same organization that helps people get started with caring about their financial well being. We also found a couple more articles with money-saving tips and a guide written by the New York Times to help women fairly negotiate their salary.
In the future, we’re hoping to add even more resources. Team page: Thought it was important to mention the young professional women who built this app. We are women who empower other young professionals :) we want to show that we are here for you and understand this journey!

We range from current undergrad to recent grads!

We decided to go with sailor moon avatars for this app given that the spectra general theme is space. The venus and earth theme names also inspired me to go along with these. We believe that this is an extra

There is also more to this than the aesthetics. Sailor Moon is an icon for young girls who strive to be independent-emotionally, and financially.

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