Trying to arrange that one crucial flight for the event that is coming up can be painstakingly troublesome at times. We've come up with an automated solution that takes care of it all. From start to finish, Lift Off will handle everything for you.

What it does

From identifying whether you need to take a flight, to selecting and booking the flight, Lift Off is able to automate all the processes that can eat up your time when booking flights for conferences / hackathons / other meetups.

Through our machine learning algorithm, our web app is able to scan through your texts (from emails and the like) to see if an event you are attending requires a flight ticket to be purchased. Our machine learning algorithm will determine what is the best for you based on a wide array of parameters and will learn to suggest better options the more you interact with it. After showing you a collection of flights based on our algorithm, you can then buy the flight tickets directly through the app.

Our focus for Lift Off is based around simplicity for the user. We aimed to provide a solution through a combination of robust text analysis and machine learning, with minimal input from the user.

How we built it

Built for the web, we used:

  • the Firebase API
  • the indico API
  • the Paypal / BrainTree API
  • the QPXExpress API
  • the Google Places API

Built With

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