The average response time for EMS services in an urban environment is 8-14 minutes. This got us thinking, what if we had a heart attack or an accident at work, who would come and help us? would it be our office neighbor? A friend? A colleague? The "building-First-Aid" person? Where would that person be and how long would it take for him to get to us? All of these questions made us think of the available resources that businesses have to provide training and education for their employees at work. We figured that if easy, effective, interactive training was offered leveraging gamification people would be much more inclined to use or get certified in these areas. On the platform you would find things like CPR training, how to do the Heimlich, 5-minute meditation sessions, how to increase productivity seminars, and many other ressources.

For this purpose we built LIFEtrainer and within it we built HEART HERO, a hardware IoT cardiopulmonary resuscitation device for interactive, gamified CPR training in an office environment.

What it does

We worked tirelessly to craft a realistic device that would mimic the feel and perception of giving CPR. We paired this device with our online platform that measured, with the help of arduino and ultrasonic sensors, the frequency, force and duration of the pumps. Users would select their "training" or "activity" and play the game attributed to it to learn and subsequently receive a score and rank to compete with their peers on who is the most trained person in the office! Saving lives, but fun!

How we built it

We built it using these technologies




Ultrasonic Sensor


Google Cloud

Cache Database:

firebase realtime database


Express.js Prettier

Swagger Eslint

React Node.js

Google cloud platform Firebase hosting


Figma Chart.Js


Challenges we ran into

WOW! was it a challenge to build this functional, accurate and realistic hardware product, merge sensors and make it work with our game interface for effective training!

We ran into design issues, deployment issues, we had trouble getting all the parts to work together but we pulled it off!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we made a project that was not only fun but also could be used to train people to help save lives as well as be the future of how work is done!

What we learned

We learned how to implement an IOT data collection tool, perfected our metalworking skills and made a cool guitar-hero like game!

What's next?

Build more interactive training tools for various mental health, productivity, first aid and other common issues

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