We thought it would be cool if insurance companies could engage more with their customers in positive ways. Motivating people to have a better lifestyle is beneficial for insurance business and a good thing in general!

What it does

Motivates users to work towards better lifestyle and get insurance benefits. Includes a mobile app that allows them to track their progress. There are several better lifestyle categories where users can participate: Physical Activity, where people are rewarded based on their active lifestyle; Positivity, where people are rewarded based on their positive social media interaction; and a category for people over 50, which measures older users' physical activity. During this hackathon we have implemented the Positivity category, in a way that it follows user's Twitter feed and measures how positive or negative their tweets are over a period of time. The better positive to negative tweet ratio is, the closer the user gets to their goal and insurance benefits.

How I built it

Tweet fetching was done using Go language running on IBM Bluemix. Tweet sentiment analysis was done using Alchemy API on IBM Bluemix. Application logic was done using Azure and C#. REST API for server/client communication was done using Azure and C#. Client mobile application is built for iOS platform using Xcode and Swift. Graphic design was done using Adobe Photoshop.

Challenges I ran into

Most problems we had were with deploying Go application to IBM Bluemix due to lack of good documentation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made a project plan and executed it during two days!

What I learned

  • Using some of the IBM Bluemix APIs
  • Using Azure
  • Using Twitter API

What's next for Lifestyle Rewards

Next it's gonna motivate thousands of people to live a better lifestyle, create more positive engagement between insurance companies and their customers, and improve insurance business by having healthier paying customers.

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