Smartphones and wearables passively collect a ton of health data (physical activity, sleep, etc.), but the extent to which this data is meaningfully used has been limited. Right now doctors don’t know what you’re really doing in between appointments. Why limit the quantifiable health data used in doctor’s offices to just lab tests?

What it does

Lifestyle Health gives healthcare providers insight into patients’ day to day lifestyle through passively collected data. This can help both primary care providers and specialists (e.g. back pain) deliver better care. Anyone can use Lifestyle Health to take control of their lifestyle health data, from steps to sleep to heart rate to pain, and easily email or print out a 1 page “lifestyle lab report” for their doctor’s use

How we built it

HealthKit with iOS (swift) and WatchKit (swift).

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to be able to extract better insights from the healthkit data, but ran into some time constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Reading and displaying HealthKit data, learning how to make an Apple Watch app

What's next for Lifestyle Health

Work with healthcare providers to find out what kind of lifestyle data from patients would be helpful.

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