Blockchain Powered Web-Application, LifeSTACK:


Create a WebApplication that allows users to have a comfortable and safe homepage for their browser. LifeStack gives users the chance to store notes, read inspirational quotes, and find health recommendations specific to them. All this, with the comfort of data privacy granted by the magic of a decentralized blockstack identity!

Learning Experience

Our team worked together over the 36 hour Hoya Hacks Hackathon to create an application centered around social good. We practiced with a variety of technologies during the experience, such as:

  • BlockStack / BlockChain
  • MongoDB
  • Javascript
  • Python3
  • HTML / CSS

How To Run

If you are interested in testing out our application, great!

  • Simply clone the repository with git clone
  • Navigate to the directory inside the folder named Blockstack cd ../LifeStack/Blockstack
  • In your terminal run npm run start
  • This should open a webpage/server in your default browser. Enjoy!
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