The concept of putting tech into shoes is a novel way of providing comfort and assistance to everyone. LifeSole™ utilizes 3-axis accelerometers, GPS data loggers, temperature sensors, and a Bluetooth module to provide robust and complete assistive technology in your shoes! It seamlessly provides GPS coordinates and altitude data independent of your phone, so that you can carry on with your workout without getting distracted. This has many applications, from hands-free hiking and mountain biking to other outdoor activities - allowing people to be more carefree and safe in their expeditions. The shoe has a step counter which can give you the total calories burnt throughout your daily activities and other health data. To motivate people to continue walking, or running during early mornings - LifeSole™ uses periodic motivational messages that alert users of their accomplishments. With a friendly and fun-to-use user interface, LifeSole™ can be customized through your phone by changing the lighting effects. In the future, LifeSole™ haptic feedback can be integrated for visually impaired users by providing turn by turn directions using Google Maps for people walking from place to place.

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