We want to take our identity with us everywhere we go and remember everything we do. LifeScope is your identity; your digital memory and can power next generation experiences.

In January we created an OAuth GraphQL API to allow 3rd party developers to build on LifeScope. We created examples for JavaScript, WebVR, WebXR, though we consistently receive requests for a Unity SDK. Today, we are developing one as well as benchmarking it with an integration to LaserBots, a free roam multiplayer FPS for VR and Magic Leap.

Power the metaverse with your digital memory using Unity and LifeScope. See the People in your life, the places you go, your digital content--even the physical objects you interact with and the events in your life.

What it does

You and your friends can easily join and play over any device and start a customized and persistent multiplayer experience powered by your data.

Our demo shows LaserBots for Magic Leap (on Unity) connecting and interacting with your LifeScope account to power multiplayer friend sync of your People and Contacts.

  • Log in with LifeScope, find your friends
  • See player information populated from your LifeScope connections (name, contacts, IP address)
  • Use pictures and 3D scans of friends to create player avatars
  • Connect with friends to start matches
  • Record your game history and stats to LifeScope
  • Share LifeScope feeds through Unity

How we built it

We built on top of LifeScope OAuth GraphQL API, OAuth 2.0, and GraphQL

Challenges we ran into

Making Web OAuth and Unity work together. Making Web OAuth and Magic Leap work together. Working with multiplayer on Magic Leap on a slow network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our LifeScope Unity SDK should be ready to use after this hackathon for anyone to use.

Will work on any Unity project including 2D, 3D, VR, and AR on Win, Mac, iOS, Android, Web, and XR!

What we learned

Was many team members first time using Oauth and Unity. Learned to test and iterate with Unity on the Magic Leap.

What's next for LifeScope Unity SDK

Promoting the new SDK to be used by all Unity developers. Adding the LifeScope SDK to the Unity Asset Store.

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