Time Machine

Our vision was to build H.G. Wells' Time Machine in WebXR so individuals could relive their history with their friends.

As a continuation of our social XR gallery, we hoped to include a variety of new file formats like 3D Scans 360º video bubbles that could be experienced as we hopped through time and space on a map. Our diverse team brought wizards from either side of the Metaverse and our vision evolved to show the same concept through two lenses: The powerful but proprietary ecosystem of Unity and the less robust but more salient ecosystem of the web.

What it does

Lifescope is a tool for connecting your services into an API of you. Individuals can choose which aspects of their life to track and improve. From an individual data wallet anyone can spin up their own "gallery" a time machine portal to relive their past and retell their story or project the future and test-run their concepts.

In our Unity experience, we can slide between day and night, see the route taken throughout the day and jump into 360º videos of highlights of the journey. In our WebXR experience, you can join from any device, including Magic Leap and walk around through highlights of the journey through time-lapse 360º photo spheres.

We imagined a social time machine, integrated with Exo-Kit for the web, the ultimate game engine. Of course as developers, we want to have our cake and eat it too, so the more graphics heavy platforms can use all the fun and rich tools that Unity has to offer but we hope to make an impact on behalf of browsers, which are in fact incredibly robust and are conveniently installed on every single mobile device in the world.

Identity—who and what we are—is socially constructed, contextual, and multifaceted. We express different aspects of our identity depending on the spaces we’re in and the people we’re with. Digital identity is even more complicated because we don’t own or control our identities online.

Privacy is a critical element of identity formation. Each of us needs a private space in which to experiment with and grow our identity that is protected from the judgement and expectation of the public sphere. There are layers to privacy—the privacy of the individual, the private sphere of family and friends where we share vulnerabilities and secrets in an environment of love and support, and the semi-private sphere of community where we test and evolve different aspects of our identity amongst people with whom we share bonds of affinity and trust.

An archive of your own data needs an echo chamber, a dynamic sistine chapel that shows ones reality in an effervescent, energetic, flowing & accepting way. To build healthy relationships in the age of algorithms, we must be able to share objective truths with each other, global standard time is a very modern trust framework, but the world has agreed upon and functions within it. It is critical to the health of our society not to lose our shared realities and the things that keep us accountable to each other as we move more into social silos and experiential reality.

How we built it

Runs on any browser using WebVR, WebXR or Prismatic. collaboration, community networked A-frame, ExoKit, Three.js, Unity

Challenges we ran into

Getting web sockets to work properly without complete webRTC library. Getting multiplayer stable across WebVR, WebXR or Prismatic. Video codecs not supported by exo-kit. Bad wi-fi at the venue which prevented us from loading assets and interrupted work often.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a personal multiplayer experience working with WebVR, WebXR or Prismatic. Creating a content experience that works agnostically across all devices and platforms with enhanced capabilities in AR. We are most pleased with our ability to show the same concept in two totally different ways.

What we learned

WebXR is in it's early days but growing fast, because of that it's exciting but unstable. Great inspiration of how to create truly satisfying experiences with gesture controls.

What's next for LifeScope

Going to turn it into an Open Source XR platform and hook up the time machine to every LifeScope user!

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