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⚖️ We Are LifeScale ⚖️

## Is your life balanced? Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 12 32 08 AM Everyday, people deal with many aspects of their life that cause them stress. Work, Finances, Relationships, Health, etc. All of these facets are important and yet it is so hard to prioritize everything.

⭐️ Our Goal ⭐️

We created LifeScale because we know that managing several aspects of our lives can be difficult. Our focus is on helping our users live more balanced and meaningful lives.

💡 Our Solution 💡

LifeScale uses technology to help people track the many different aspects of their lives. We provide insight on users habits using statistics and trends to help them learn what works and what does not. We provide recommendations and actionable steps to help people achieve their goals.

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🛠 What We Do 🛠

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We allow users to rank different aspects of their lives on a scale of 0-10. From a selection of 10 categories, users can reflect on what those rankings are and what they want them to be. We recommend users with actions to take in order to improve/maintain whatever categories they choose, and users can add their own personal tasks that they wish to work on for the week.

👤 Who We Are For 👤

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On a larger scale, the industry we are catering to is the wellness market, but we work specifically with self-help and personal development. Similar to other "habit tracking apps", our target audience are people ages 24 to 35, meaning we appeal to about 14% of the US population!

So...what's next for LifeScale? 🤔

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LifeScale looks to integrate with other habit tracking apps, allowing for users to import their habits, tasks, and any other information that can help their workflow. Further plans include extending our services to help _Tele-Health and other therapy services throughout the country! LifeScale's ease of use and robust data management makes it the perfect tool for doctors and therapists to use with their patients and we plan on integrating LifeScale with built-in management systems. LifeScale gives concrete steps to take, making it easy for therapists and patients to make game plans for success.

🙏🏽 Thank You For Learning A Little Bit About LifeScale 🙏🏽

Here Is Our Team!

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Balance Your Life With LifeScale

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