The Story

The year is 2025. A young woman was rushed in the ER, unable to speak. bleeding profusely. The Doctors rush to look at her wounds from the recent national disaster. 5 minutes after she came through the doors, a nurse heard a loud alert coming from her cracked, but intact phone on the table. The words 'WARNING WARNING WARNING' call out from the phone causing the nurse to check. Only, instead of an spam call, she sees the notification from Lifesayver.

The Message

Hi my name is Jane Doe
I have A+ blood type,
I am allergic to these specific medicines: *****
and a history of seziures
My emergency contact is: *****
My doctor is ****

With this information, the nurse alerts the doctors


With Apple and Androids emergency information setting becoming more and more common, a new issue has been arriving. The fact that when someone is bleeding in the back of a truck, an incapacitated person cannot dictate their allergies or medical history. This app makes your phone into a medical alert system that goes off whenever you are in a a hospital and able to respond to the notification.

How We Built It

This project is a combination of Python scripts calling Google Cloud APIs and Ionic Development in Java. We pull information from the Google Geolocation API allowing us to access our current location. Once we have that, we can continually pole the Google Places API to see if we are inside of a hospital. If it turns out that we are in a hospital, we send a pop up notification to the phone asking if you are awake and coherent. If you do not respond to the notification within a set time period, It plays a notification alerting the doctors of your medical condition and sending information to your emergency contacts from a variety of different google APIs.

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