Figuring out a way to relay different video streams at the same time. This came out of a want to provide security while still being mobile. This could work for Oil and gas companies, the government, building management firms, and in the farm industry

What it does

Accurately tells your location, and shows different video feeds from buildings and cameras in the area. This can work through CCTV or feeds streamed from the internet

How we built it

using unity and mapbox, we built out a system to dynamically stream videos using the 5g network. You can click onto POI's in the scene and itll bring up a new feed to watch

Challenges we ran into

figuring out how many streams can work comfortable on the s10

Accomplishments that we're proud of

getting 12 streams to work on the phone at one point

What we learned

5g is great and the capabilities are amazing

What's next for Multistream

Working as a team to make another great 5g app

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