During an emergency or serious medical condition where the patient needs immediate medical help,but cannot call the doctor/share his medical history. This App will be a true life saver in such situations. All he/she needs to do is to press a button on the app and it will immediately send alerts to the nearest ER/doctors/Urgent care centers/nurses/friends/relatives with the location details, basic personal information as well as shares his/her medical history with them. This will prevent any complications that may arise due to improper medication/treatment without the knowledge of his medical history.

How it works

Step 1 : Patient who seeks to use this App will download the App and register himself with it. He will need to enter his details, medical history, any reports etc into the system, his nearest family members, friends contacts etc.,

Step 2 : Hospitals, Emergency or urgent care centers should also register themselves with the App.

Step 3: In case of an emergency, like accidents or any other serious health condition where the patient wants immediate medical help, by pressing on this app, it will notify the nearest ER facility(doctors, nurses) and his immediate family members, friends etc.

Step 4: App sends an alert to the nearest ER, doctors, urgent care centers registered with it along with the location details of the patient.

Step 5: Doctors, nurses can check the patient’s medical history from the app and give immediate treatment, medication based on that.

Challenges I ran into

Downloading and Installing Xamarin which requires appropriate .Net framework has taken more time than expected.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team we are so proud of ourselves that we have accomplished something which we have never imagined that we could build a mobile App for a medical problem.

What I learned

We learned how to implement mobile solutions and step by step process to arrive at a feasible solution.

What's next for LifeSaver

As we all know always there is a scope for improvement, we do have some features that could be added to this LifeSaver app to provide more benefits to the user. App needs to be developed to be used internationally. If a person cannot speak the native language of the country, he can just use this app and it can take care of calling the ER, sending his location, personal info and medical history. App can be designed to be connected to a FITBIT, where the FITBIT directly sends signals to the App based on the medical condition of the patient. Could be used in schools. Could connect with the large/small medical organizations. Could provide more cool themes and features.

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