Every year around 600,000 people are going to have a cardiac arrest, heart disease alone is the leading cause of death in the US, claiming 600,000 lives per year.

The chances of surviving are 3x if a first responder is in the scene, but only ~20% of the people know what to do.

lifesaber is an Android and Android-wear app that solves this problem, by making anyone a first responder and life saver, doing the following:

  • Guides anyone through correct CPR, with user friendly smartwatch interface
    • Follows protocol to determine if CPR is needed
    • Gives haptic and audible feedback to keep pushes in synch
  • Automatically calls 911
  • Alerts nearby app users to provide assistance
    • Sends nearby Automated External Defibrillator (AED) locations
    • Sends incident location

We used UPenn's MyHeartMap AED database and dumped it into MongoDB to get the nearest defibrilators to a person. All the background is managed by a lightweight Flask server that manages active users and has an alert listing.

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