Our project's goal is to enable a wider emergency response network for people who are overdosing on opioids. A person is able to access LifePulse directly on their phone, or through their browser and send out a 'pulse' to nearby users of our service alerting them that someone is in need. Emergency services are contacted at the same time.

This allows someone who is witnessing their loved one, friend, or a stranger overdose the ability to reach out to all possible people that are able to help.

Further goals for the project include incorporating LifePulse's emergency services into an informational and community support based app. This would include streamlining access to treatment, sober housing, peer support meetings, and building motivation to stay clean.

We were able to accomplish user account creation and authentication, allowing LifePulse to associate app users with their location in real-time. Currently, a user can log in with their email and a six digit password and LifePulse will record and update their location instantly.

The next steps we would need to implement would be to clean up the user interface, finish the emergency pulse contact system, and establish communication with emergency services.

With LifePulse, local communities are able to establish a network that could save lives. Our app fosters social good by improving awareness and providing more opportunities for people to help each other.

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