Imagine sitting on the train, you stare up from the glow of your phone screen and the only person you make eye contact with is the crazy man with a parrot on his shoulder. No one else is looking up as they are too glued to their phones.

Staring at phones

What if you could advertise your humorous plight as the parroted man moves his big grinned face towards you in the anticipation of real human contact? What if you could make the impersonal public transport journey, personal again?

Broadcast your life’s journey to those around you in a world where technology continues to separate us, even though we are all connected. You can once again interact with the unending story that the world has to offer.

LifePass lets you broadcast your current thoughts in a true peer to peer fashion between phones using WiFi Direct, up to 140 characters. No internet connection is required; you only need to be within WiFi range of another device, which could be up to 100 meters outdoors (a much larger range than current Bluetooth technologies have to offer). Only your status and nickname get transmitted, no other identifying information is sent (location is based on where the receiving device saw the message).

Some future features currently in development are:

  • Image broadcasting.
  • Publishing of easy to use framework for dedicated transmission nodes – vouchers from stores, conference information, context aware surroundings. These nodes can also transmit positioning information (store or context location). They could be set up on cheap hardware like a Raspberry Pi and powered from battery/solar.
  • Status colouring and avatar sending.
  • Device blocking.
  • Better battery life management.
  • Message signing and "channel" subscription to prevent abuse.

With LifePass, the world around you speaks for itself in its nonlinear form. With LifePass transmission nodes, the world can become context sensitive; businesses can advertise products, municipalities could create interactive tours, LifePass has almost infinite application.

LifePass is completely open, to allow the world to open up.

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