Inspiration: Looking back at our freshman year, we faced to many problems in a new college life style. We staggered in many college majors choices. We didn't prepare good enough before attending college life, so our freshman year is so stressful and boring. Life is long compare to 4 years college! We want all new coming freshman feel more confident and don't miss any beautiful moments in college by connect freshman to other freshman.

What it does:

2 parts: 1.Application parts: this software contains personal life track list, that encourage student to participate in different activities like traveling, families, volunteering tacks. If student check off one of the task they set out to, they gain points. Also, we contain personality test that allows freshman to explore potential college majors that they might be interested in. We also build a module that help students to predict how many hours recommended to obtain their expected grades. 2.Website: this is software will be distributed. Before we give out the free software packages, we will require student to take the personality test. We will then match student's personality with our database and provide a list of emails that matches best with their personality. This way we encourage students to step out their comfort zone and talk to other students.

How we built it

we use python

Challenges we ran into

1.Kmodes cluster analysis: because our data are categorical, so we have to give up kmean cluster analysis. 2.Linear Regression model: using pandas and scikit-learn library to build 3.Tkinter:None of us has any experiences on this library

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1.We accomplish a basic template of our products that are scaleble in size for future. 2.we apply data mining tools

What we learned

-we learn about the basic business cycle -we learn about new frontend tools like Tkinter -we learn about statistical or data mining models

What's next for LifePal

-we will pack all python files included all executable files required to run the application, and allow users to download it directly from our webpage -we will build a Twitter package that allow users to receive news -we will build a chatbox that allow user to chat directly through our application instead of emails

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