A personal trainer app that can record workouts, meals, sleep habits and mental health where ever you go.

What it does

The exercise module tracks number of repititions, time elapsed and calorie loss on various exercies through the use of the OpenPose computer vision library and the COCO training set. The diet module utilizes various food apis to track whether your next meal is healthy or not. Also utilized the data set provided by Humana to alert high risk individuals to bad food choices. (i.e. if the user had a diagnosis code for cardiovascular disease it would alert them that a potential food they're about to eat is high in cholesterol as seen in one of the screenshots)


I liked the idea of Humana's go360 but thought it would be nice if there was a way to track our health where ever we go rather than just at Humana approved gyms.


Note to self: I should go to the finding teammate mixer next time. Doing everything alone was painful.

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