Inspiration: Alexa and the Amazon Echo have revolutionized households across the world. In the short year and half since its introduction, people are already seeing how much it can do for them. However, the best thing Alexa has to offer is its amazing ability to help those that need it the most. From wounded veterans to the elderly, Alexa can make their day to day struggles just a little bit easier, and their lives, safer. With Lifeline, a veteran and his loved ones can rest easy, knowing that help is only a phrase away. With Lifeline, a disabled child can stay at home alone, with the ability to reach her parents in an instant. With Lifeline, those who were most restricted can experience worry-free independence like never before.

What It Does: Allows for wounded, disabled and elderly people to use Amazon Echo to alert (text message/call) their emergency contacts when in danger.

How We Built It: We used HTML and CSS to build the website used for user registration and inputting emergency contact information. We then used Javascript to take the input and store them into a database through Firebase. We also used Firebase for other aspects of user management such as profile modification and authentication. We ended up using Azure for our hosting.

Challenges We Ran Into: We were originally going to use Microsoft Azure for our Database, but we were unable to implement the back end through Azure so we dropped the idea.

Accomplishments That We Are Proud Of: For all four of us, this was our first time submitting a project at a hackathon. Initially, we weren’t confident in our ability to deliver a finished product in such a short timespan. However, through the steep learning curve, the unexpected challenges and a severe lack of sleep, we managed to persevere. In the end, we did a lot more than just deliver a finished product, and we can proudly say that we are on the way to changing life for thousands of people.

What We Learned: We learned how to develop for the Amazon Echo with Alexa Skill Kit, host a website with Azure, and link it to a Firebase database. Although we were unable to implement Azure for database, we still learned a lot about developing on it.

What’s Next For Lifeline: Releasing the "skill" (app) to the Amazon Echo Skill Store

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