LIFE LINE allows for fast patient data access for ER personnel improving the A&E indicators of the country.


Knowing a patients current medication and medical history is critical to make quick, life changing emergency treatment and to avoid misdiagnosis.

Currently there is no good central solution for providing this critical data to first responders without having a nation wide digital infrastructure in place.

What is more, in the EU, lack of donor organs results in 6000 deaths out of every 100 000 in the waiting list while up to 40% of donors goes to waste.

   "One donor can save up to 8 lives"

In order to provide a solutions, we looked towards a country where these problems have already been solved.

In Estonia there is in place a nation wide system called e-health. This allows responders have access to patient data in 30 seconds from arrival. The data is retrieved using citizend personal ID code.

Unfortunately, this system is unavailable for many countries due to 2 limiting factors.

1) Lack of a nationwide interoperability services. 2) Lack of an e-identity available for citizens.

 "Did you know, that all health records of Estonian citizens are on a Blockchain?"


Working around these two limitations is where LIFE LINE comes in. Our use of biometric data and decentralized secure blockchain allows for a fully-scalable solution to be deployed through GPs without the need for expensive infrastructure build-up.

The solution has been in front of our eyes the entire time

Introducing LIFE LINE, the next generation public e-health solution designed to provide ER personnel rapid access to patient data using biometric identification.

For medical workes

By providing ER personnel rapid access to patient medical data through the use of a secure iris scan, with a commercially available smartphone, we can quickly roll out an end-to-end solution without the need for expensive procurement or time consuming infrastructure build-up.

For citizens

Through the use of public health campaigns, citizens onboard through an opt-in process via their primary care physicians who will use the same light weight technology.

Security and compliance

Once on-boarded, citizens iris scans and health data will be stored on a tried and tested immutable blockchain allowing for full accountability trace while protecting against unwanted data.

  "I have AB blood, I don't particularly care that people know that. But if somehow that information was changed, 
   well then I could end up dead." - President Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Through the use of modern encryption and blockchain technology our product is fully GDPR compliant and serves to safeguard life. Citizens can opt-out and be forgotten with touch on an app.

That will most likely not happen though. When you are on the system and the unthinkable happens and you need emergency care, first responders and ER staff can access health critical medical data that allows for doctors to make data driven life saving decisions.

A scan to save a life, LIFE LINE

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