We decided to build something that helps visually impaired people understand and visualize the objects in around of them.

What it does

When a visually impaired person encounters an object in everyday life that he or she would like to understand, the user will open the app, take a photo of the object in front of them and receive a short description of the product.

How we built it

tools: google cloud API, flutter, HTML, Node.js We used the machine learning on google cloud platform to recognize the photo taken on the webapp we built and return the labels to the webapp.

Challenges we ran into

Our original plan was to build an emergency detection for lifeguards to better locate and assist people who are in danger but we encountered lots of hurdles. After talking to some mentors, we figured that our scenario might be too specific for the machine learning API to categorize so we decided to switch gear. Even then, we ran into so many technical challenges including not being able to test the camera feature on the simulator on our laptop, and not being able to the app on our iPhones either because we don't want to pay $99.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

24 hours ago, we had almost zero experience with Google Cloud Platform, Flutter, Node.js... 24 hours later we actually build out some functional product (which has a lot of potentials) out of those tools! We learn a lot from our mentors! We learn a lot from our teammates! (We learned a lot from the internet.)

What we learned

  • Team collaboration.
  • Ask for feedbacks and reach out to mentors
  • Working under time pressure.
  • Being exposed to lots of development tools (through youtube tutorials and medium posts)

What's next for LifeLens

We hope to be able to provide more accurate descriptions in the future! The users will also be able to interact with the descriptions (ask questions, get some more detailed descriptions etc.). Ultimately, it will be awesome if they could scan their environments with their devices and receive a description of their surroundings (a somewhat novel like description of the ambience, objects, people around them).

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