Using data from your surroundings and self-tracking tools such as the Jawbone UP, we pair the perfect soundtrack to seamlessly play on the JAMBOX. Press your Jawbone and just jam.

You’re getting ready to workout and you start your Jawbone app’s workout tracker. The JAMBOX will start pumping you up with deep beats to get you going.

You have a date with your significant other. Instead of taking out your phone, navigating to an app and searching for some song to fit the mood, just schedule the time of your date, and the music will sync to your experience with a click of a button on your wrist.

And when you’re using your Jawbone UP to track sleep, with just a click of a button the band toggles to sleep mode -- and soothing music starts seamlessly playing on the jambox.

We handle the what, when, and where. You just press play.

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